Desafíos para los derechos de la persona ante el siglo XXI: Vida y Ciencia Sfide per i diritti della persona dinanzi al XXI secolo: Vita e Scienza Challenges of individual rights in XXI century: Life and Science

ISBN: 978-84-9014-555-5
Editorial: Aranzadi
Número de Edición: 1
Fecha de Edición: 22/07/2013


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Scientific advances often go beyond the classic thoughts of Law. Rapidly, new discoveries and the development of new techniques question fundamental aspects of human existence and the future of our species. So the law and legal operators cannot stand still when faced with the challenges posed by new discoveries and techniques, especially applied to humans. In this book the reader will find many works that examine these challenges, which arise with respect to constitutionalism, and in particular to the rights of the individual; intense debates, sometimes difficult to reconcile from the moral, but that cannot be ignored in the law.



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